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Dr. Waldo, an integrative, genetic and functional medicine physician, is uniquely qualified in the medical field because of his training in biochemistry, physiology and psycho-pharmacology, his extensive time in research, and his years of experience in applying basic science to the treatment of virtually every disease.  He assesses biochemical malfunctions, physiology, genetics, pathogens, immune system disorders, environmental toxins, gastrointestinal concerns, hormonal issues, and inflammatory responses that occur in the body and affect your genes, physiology and brain chemicals.  He believed that addressing all of these are necessary in fighting diseases.  In addition, Dr. Waldo places a special emphasis on treating the body as an integrated whole, searching for the common thread or links that lead to numerous pathological processes.

The vast majority of physicians treat the symptoms of diseases, usually through the use of pharmaceuticals. Connected Health Care Systems treat the root causes of diseases, and thus has a very good success rate of stopping disease progression, preventing diseases or curing them.  Treatment protocols include the following:

Treatment Protocols







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