Becoming a Patient

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What additional expenses should I be aware of when starting my treatment protocol with CHCS?

In addition to appointment costs, you can expect to spend approximately $200-$300+ monthly for supplements. If indicated in your treatment plan, there are charges for ozone treatments and co-pays for one-time specialty labs (Genova, IGEnX, Great Plains etc.). Additional costs may include nutritionist consultations and an increase in your grocery bills should you have diet modifications. Usually most, if not all, labwork is covered by insurance.

Will my insurance cover any of the costs for my treatment?

Dr. Waldo is an out-of-network providers. Because of restrictions placed on the amount of time they can spend with a client, they do not accept insurance as they cannot address all of your health concerns and resulting treatment plans in 10 to 15 minutes. If your insurance offers out-of-network benefits, you may receive some reimbursement for the cost of appointments. Co-payments are required for specialty testing. General laboratory tests are usually covered by insurance. It is the patient’s responsibility to check with his/her provider regarding coverage. Many HSA accounts will now cover supplements/vitamins prescribed by a physician. You can also check with your tax adviser for possible deductions on supplements. You must keep your receipts for tax or insurance purposes.

Will CHCS file my insurance claims?

No. CHCS does not have a billing/insurance department. Thus, it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain a claim form and file it with his/her insurance company. We ask that you contact our office if you need assistance with completing this form.

How often do I need to schedule appointments?

In the beginning, you must be seen every two months for the first several years depending on the severity of your health issues and how quickly your body responds to treatment. Your commitment to adhering to the treatment plan, including a healthy diet, are essential in achieving timely progress. Once an optimum health state is reached, we want to see you a minimum of once or twice a year. This is to ensure your labs have not negatively changed and that your body is still maintaining an optimal healthy condition.

How long is the treatment process?

The length of treatment largely depends on the condition of your body when treatment begins, and your commitment to adhering to your treatment plan and diet. Depending on the severity of their health issues, some patients have been undergoing treatment for over six years. Once you achieve an optimum health state, regularly maintenance check-ups are scheduled to ensure your labs have not negatively changed and that your health is not adversely impacted. Usually these appointments are scheduled every six months to one year, unless you are experiencing new symptoms.

Will Dr. Waldo coordinate care with my physician/physicians?

Yes. If needed, Dr. Waldo will consult with your physician to coordinate treatment. However, if conflicting medical opinions arise, Dr. Waldo will advise you on their recommended course of action, and then you may have to decide which treatment philosophy to follow. Dr. Waldo has the utmost respect for all medical professionals and understands that some may not agree with his approach.

Can Dr. Waldo be my primary care/only physician?

No. Dr. Waldo requires all of their patients to have a primary care physician. Their treatment protocols are considered to be a compliment to traditional medicine. In addition, we do not perform physical exams in our office.

What if I have a question or an emergency situation after office hours?

Call 911 and/or go to your nearest ER, an after-hours medical care facility or a stress center. CHCS does not offer emergency services and does not have privileges with any of the local hospitals. Contact our office with your health updates and status during normal business hours.

I live a long distance away from the CHCS office. Do I need to travel to the office for every appointment?

No. Dr. Waldo offers phone consultations, including lab reviews, for those patients who cannot come to the office.

Where do I get my lab-work done?

Labs are required two to three weeks prior to every appointment. For your convenience we have a lab in our office which we highly recommend. Blood draws are extensive and not typical. Thus, many labs technicians at other facilities are not as confident about doing a draw. In addition, the results we get from different labs vary in quality. If you live a distance from the office, we may be able to recommend a lab and the individual doing the draw can contact our office with questions.

Does Dr.Waldo accept patients outside of Indiana?

Yes. A number of our patients come from other states, some traveling great distances. Because of Dr. Waldo's unique, scientific and biochemical approach to healing diseases, clients determine that CHCS offers the best chance for recovery, and that time and travel are inconsequential to achieving optimal health. Also, after the initial consultation and lab review, a number of our clients elect to conduct their appointments via a telephone consultation.