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Supplements are an integral part of restoring the body to optimal health.  Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and amino acids to provide us with the building blocks for proper growth and development. Unfortunately, our soil and food supply has been depleted of these vital nutrients.  To compound the issue, junk food, processed meats, sugar consumption and other environmental factors have magnified these deficiencies. 

All supplements are NOT created equal and it is important to understand the difference. There are synthetic supplements and those made from natural sources.  Synthetic supplements can include fillers, chemicals and even aspartame.  Not only are many of these supplements ineffective but can actually be harmful. 

Based on your unique lab results, genetics, toxins, biochemical malfunctions, methylation concerns, pathogens, inflammatory responses, hormone issues and immune system disorders, Dr. Waldo prescribes a supplement plan to overcome your deficiencies and promote the healing of your body.  They carefully reviews the ingredients of every supplement he prescribes, and uses only manufacturers they believe provide the highest quality product, including purity and effectiveness.  Supplements prescribed include amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbals designed to bypass or neutralize imbalances that impact hundreds of reactions in your body that could lead to illnesses.

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