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Current Patients

  • Metal toxicity and environmental toxins
    Metal and environmental toxins are a primary cause of many diseases that are often found in our population. When metals enter your body, whether through the intake of water or food, by the air you breathe, and/or by assimilation through your skin and eyes, they attack essential parts of your body, causing a myriad of health issues. When the body becomes toxic from heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and cadmium, damage is caused at the cellular level. This toxicity and damage can lead to common diseases such as coronary artery disease, cancer, autism spectrum disorders, dementia and autoimmune diseases. We test for and remove these metals through ozone therapy, supplements and a unique, safe form of chelation. Standard chelation processes may cause metal to redeposit in other organs in the body. Our approach ensures that metal is eliminated at the rate an individual’s body is capable of removing it.
  • Inflammation
    Inflammation is one of the major culprits behind numerous diseases. Most prescription drug treatments address only a small portion of the problems with inflammation. Our approach is to get the immune system functioning at an optimal, healthy level, allowing it to run its natural process to combat illnesses.
  • Biochemical malfunctions
    We use biochemical testing and lab-work to determine genetic dysfunctions by monitoring your biochemistry over time. Understanding your biochemical makeup is key to properly treating current or potential diseases. Without obtaining this information, improper diagnosis and treatment are highly likely. We utilize appropriate testing to ensure our treatment protocol conforms to your specific biological factors.
  • Methylation
    Methylation is an essential process that controls detoxification, maintains healthy chemical reactions in your body, and controls the balance of your immune system. It ultimately affects 400 to 1000 chemical reactions in the body. When this process is negatively impacted, it can cause many health issues. Using biochemistry, genetics and diet, we re-balance the methylation process in your body leading to a healthier you.
  • Pathogens
    A pathogen is “an organism that gives origin to morbid symptoms or to a disease.” Pathogens play a role in numerous, serious conditions, and often nestle within your body, hiding from your immune system. This toxic condition can result in you quickly becoming sick, often leading to disease misdiagnosis. We analyze your biochemistry to identify and eradicate the root causes, and employ areas of intervention in order to eliminate the reasons for your pathogenic issues(s). Once the root causes are identified, we repair, correct and heal the condition(s) to prevent their return.
  • Genetics malfunctions
    Everything we do to heal the body centers around getting to the roots of your genetic makeup. Many health issues are caused by your genetics, but can also be adversely affected by environmental factors. Through identifying, understanding and addressing your individual genetic make-up, we can bypass blocked genetic pathways, thus positively changing your health risks. Through unparalleled understanding and application of genetics and the role it plays in long-term health, we deliver tailored solutions that meet your body's specific health needs.
  • Gastrointestinal
    We believe a healthy GI track is essential to your well-being. The majority of your immune system is located in the GI track. The GI track also contains a large percentage of your neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are responsible for our mood and influence chemical reactions that interact with virtually every system in the body. An unhealthy GI tract often results in chronic inflammation and malabsorption. This can result in labels such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s and other diseases that impact major organs of the body. We address food allergies, candidiasis, and bacterial overgrowth to heal the GI track. This is accomplished with a customized diet, addressing biochemical, environmental, and genetic influences.
  • Hormones
    The endocrine system is the main body system responsible for hormone regulation. This system includes the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries and testes. These glands regulate growth and development, tissue function, reproduction, sleep, sexual function, mood and much more. If just one of these systems is not functioning properly, it can cause serious health issues. Environment, stress, heavy metals, diet, genetics, medications and toxins can cause hormonal imbalances. Common hormone issues include: Estrogen Dominance PCOS (Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome) Low Testosterone Uterine Fibroids Hypothyroidism Hyperthyroidism Adrenal Fatigue Fertility Issues AIP takes a unique, comprehensive approach to find the root causes of hormone issues. For example, he has been able to increase testosterone levels solely by removing heavy metals. We work to see WHY there is an imbalance and fix that imbalance-not just prescribe hormone replacement therapy.
  • Immune System Disorders
    Immune System Disorders play a role in almost every disease process. The immune system is our defense against pathogens and foreign invaders and, when functioning normally, it protects us. It is extremely complex, interacting with every other system in the body, and can malfunction due to genetic differences and/or the environment. As a consequence, certain parts of the system will work well, while other parts function poorly, resulting in infections, chronic inflammation and autoimmune disorders. We identify the factors that cause the malfunctions and address them through treatment. Treatment is tailored to each individual and is very specific.
  • Poor Nutrition
    Most of our food today is stripped of critical vitamins and nutrients. This lack of nutrients creates discord in the metabolic process. In addition, many foods contain additives and preservatives that can further assault the body. After gaining an understanding of your personal health situation, we work with you to develop a nutrition plan that best fits your body's specific requirements. Depending on your food allergy test results, the severity of your disease state and other medical considerations pertinent to you, we may refer you to a nutritionist.
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