Current Patients

Will Dr. Waldo review a particular supplement I am taking and tell me if I should use or substitute it with another?

The supplements prescribed for you by Dr. Waldo are based on your lab results. He has researched all of the supplements available for purchase at our office to find the ones that are of the highest quality. Patients can compare labels to determine if a different brand is acceptable, or use appointment time to have Dr. Waldo personally review and discuss your options. Before adding new supplements of your own choosing, we ask that you confer with the office to avoid side effects and interactions with other supplements you are taking.

Will Dr. Waldo change my treatment plan between appointments?

Treatment plan adjustments are made at follow-up appointments based on lab results. It is Dr. Waldo's preference to make adjustments first according to your blood work, then to your symptoms. Exceptions may apply. If you believe you are having an issue or adverse symptoms with a particular supplement and you are between appointments, you can make an appointment with Dr. Waldo to discuss your symptoms and possible alternatives or changes to your treatment plan.

Why does my treatment plan reflect few changes after an appointment considering the comprehensive blood-work that was done prior to the visit?

Your treatment plan is always based on the results of your lab-work, taking symptoms into consideration. Labs are intended to provide a comprehensive picture of what is occurring in your body. Dr. Waldo has been practicing biochemical medicine for a significant amount of time and, because of his experience, they are adept in setting up your initial and follow-up supplement and treatment plans. Usually biochemical changes take place gradually in your body. Positive and negative changes in your labs are assessed. New supplements are added or current ones removed based on those changes. In addition, it is important that changes in treatment plans are made gradually. If several changes are made before follow-up appointments, it would be difficult to know what influenced your lab results.

How do I know when to take each supplement/medication on the treatment plan?

If the treatment plan does not indicate any restrictions (time of day, with/without food, do not take with another “said” supplement, etc.…) the supplement may be taken at any time. If you would like assistance with preparing a list of how to take supplements, we offer this as a service. Please contact the receptionist for an appointment and pricing.

If I cannot physically come to an appointment can I have my lab review via a phone consultation?

Yes. Dr. Waldo has a number of patients who live a distance from the office and elect to have their lab reviews conducted by a telephone conference call. The length of the appointment is the same as an in-office appointment. We ask that send your questions to:, 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.