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The body only requires trace amounts of certain metals to function properly.  Thus it is critical to one’s well-being that testing and treatment for heavy metals and environmental toxins take place. Chelation is a process used to remove heavy metals and environmental toxins from your body.  Most forms of chelation, especially the IV form, are extremely taxing to the body which can have a negative effect on the kidneys, liver, and other major organs. 

We determine if chelation is appropriate for you through labs, the type of metals and toxins in your body and your genetics.  If chelation is indicated, we work with you to employ a safe, unique and scientific approach to chelation, using your biochemistry and test results as a guide.  Our form of chelation is administered 24 hours a day and goes after only the amount of metals that needs to be removed from your body.  This ensures that metals are eliminated and not redeposited.  As you go through chelation, we monitor numerous systems and chemical reactions in your body to assure the dosage is correct and thus safe.  Our approach minimizes the chances of metals being redeposited and causing damage to major organs in the body.

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