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A New Philosophy with CHCS

Have you ever wondered what makes concierge medicine so special? The physicians are good, but the big distinction is the type of service they offer their clients. It is proactive medicine and most physicians practice reactive medicine the majority of the time. They are available to talk to their clients when they call about a concern and they follow up with specialists their clients see. They go out of their way to make sure their patients receive good care in a timely manner. Other practices take on more clients and they will often collaborate with specialists, they do make referrals, but this type of model is based on volume and the physicians time often does not allow them to give each person the individual attention because they take care of a many people. Reactive medicine usually sees people that are sick or have an issue. They also offer proactive medicine when they do physicals, annual exams and the dreaded mammograms, pelvic exams, colonoscopies and screening labs.

We are in the process of a transition right now that will offer both types of medicine. Connected Health Care Systems (CHCS) will be changing our EMR to allow patients their own portal and the ability to see their labs as soon as they are available. We are also meeting people at their car to give them their supplies. CHCS has implemented a model where call patients several weeks after an appointment to check in and see how our clients are doing. At times we have had an MA travel with a client and we have traveled to client’s houses. We are forming a team and a tight network that can easily communicate to ensure continuity of care. CHCS is building an educational network and we have formed a relationship outside of the US with a cutting-edge medical facility. It is an exciting time and I want to make sure our clients get extraordinary care and have an experience. Our patients are important and it is important we give them a unique level of care.

We will be offering a membership model that will be available annually for clients. This model will allow clients to pay monthly for services, get certain treatments for free and will offer discounts on various treatment modalities. Our hope is that it allows people to budget for the year and be able to plan ahead, while being a more active participant in their health. The membership model will have other benefits that we believe will allow them to get the most out of their care and help them achieve their goals. We will be transparent and map out their plan and the anticipated service over the course of a year.

Finally, if you are a patient or become a patient, please get your genetics ASAP or as soon as you schedule your first appointment. It really is a new world in medicine and we believe your health is the most important thing you have during your time on earth. It allows us to practice proactive medicine down to the core with an accuracy I never thought I would see in my life time. Unfortunately, people do get sick, but the causes are numerous, even for the same disease, and to be able to individualize treatment and treat the causes, versus treating the label is the future of medicine and it is finally here! The days of protocols, trials of medications that miss the cause or cause side effects are hopefully numbered. You may feel better treating a symptom, but did you address the cause? If not, that cause likely is still an issue and progressing. I do not want to see people get

sick, live in pain or not be able to live life to its fullest. Invest in your health, it may be the smartest investment you make!

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