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Gut Health

As reputable institutions, such as Stanford, Columbia and Harvard, continue to study and release reports on gut health, its importance to overall physical health is becoming increasingly apparent.  Immune system dysfunctions, cardiovascular disease, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, mental health issues, liver disease, impaired neural functions and harmful conditions stemming from the brain, as well as many other adverse health conditions, relate directly back to having an unhealthy gut.  An inflamed gastrointestinal system causes bad bacteria to flourish, ammonia levels to rise and inflammation to increase, creating issues throughout the entire body from food allergies and acid reflux to migraines and joint inflammation.  Using biochemistry to assess gut health, we develop a personalized plan for creating a healthy intestinal tract, thus creating a positive impact on your overall well-being. Treatment includes the utilization of basic science, establishing a healthy diet, developing a supplement regimen and ozone therapy.

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