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Connected Health Care Systems

Holistic Functional Medicine Practitioner

We do not rush to prescribe treatment based on symptoms alone. We use a targeted approach by analyzing your biochemical and genetic makeup. This enables us to understand your specific physiology to get at the core of your health issues. That is when we determine the best path to take to improve your health and heal your body.

Functional Medicine

Symptoms are indicators of systemic root causes. We focus not on simply alleviating symptoms in the short-term, but rather on your long-term health. We identify and address the underlying causes of your illnesses. This method yields a safer, more natural and long-term positive approach as it is based on the science of your body. 

Scientific Medicine

Most of our clients come to us because traditional medicine is not working for them. Instead of getting better, they find that their health is declining with new diseases and conditions emerging. We apply basic science to the treatment of virtually every disease using safe and effective treatment protocols that have a long-term, positive impact upon your body chemistry. 

Are you tired of being treated like a number?

Learn more about our, state-of-the-art, effective science-based approach to patient care.

Support Group

Our Mission

The mission of Connected Health Care Systems is to provide individualized, scientifically based health care to patients by identifying and treating the underlying causes of disorders and diseases. This approach will lead to improved health and a better quality of life for our patients.

Our Approach

We assess and address your genetics, environmental toxins, biochemical malfunctions, methylation concerns, pathogens, inflammatory responses, gastrointestinal problems, hormone issues, and immune system disorders.  We then utilize the resulting information  to provide you with effective, scientifically based health care.


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