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Lyme Disease

The medical field’s understanding of Lyme disease and the role it plays in poor health is still developing.  We are just beginning to understand that many people are infected with this bacteria and yet have not presented with symptoms, or attribute their symptoms to another ailment. The unfortunate thing is that this bacteria can live in the body virtually undetected for years while slowly and methodically attacking various systems and structures. 

The traditional screen for Lyme disease was designed for testing immediately upon infection, which means that unless you were proactively and immediately tested upon experiencing a tick bite, your diagnosis will likely not be accurate.  The longer period of time from infection to testing can cause a misdiagnosis.  If Lyme disease goes undiagnosed and untreated it will most likely have an extremely negative impact on many parts of your body, adversely affecting your overall health. In fact, it is often one of the root causes of diseases.

At Connected Health Care Systems, we utilize a modern diagnostic method that is more likely to detect the bacteria.  After diagnosis, we treat the disease by combining the use of ozone therapy, biochemistry, natural herbs that kill the pathogen, and, if necessary, a very safe form of chelation.  This treatment rebalances the immune system, and creates an environment that is unfavorable to the bacteria so that it cannot survive.  We may prescribe antibiotics for a period of time to give you a head start, but firmly believe that long-term use of antibiotics is extremely detrimental to your overall health.

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